Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fresh Out of the Oven

Welcome to my new blogging page "Illicks In-Love". I started this new blogging page in place of my old one that you might have been following before. So make sure to follow me on this one now!

It's hard to believe my sweet husband, Ben, and I have been married 1 whole MONTH on the 31st's crazy how time flies! I feel like it was just the other day we said "I Do" and then were "fresh out of the oven newlyweds". We had the Winter Wedding of our dreams, a wonderful honeymoon where we were tucked away up in Canada and now we are back at school, both working and slowly but surely our new apartment is looking like home! We love being married...we love it so much that we highly recommend it! 

We've both loved 'playing house' from the moment we got back from our honeymoon. We had a lot to move in to our new place (we both had no idea two people could have so much stuff). We love our apartment though and it's been great decorating, cleaning, cooking and relaxing together in a place we can now call home! Ben does most of the cooking and I like to pick out what we eat, wash dishes, clean and organize. We've sort-of developed a system now and I am enjoying not cooking while I can. We've also been finding a lot of great furniture items at saver's and craigslist (and my mother's basement) and we've been able to refurbish them and make them our own! I was telling Ben that it feels great to be able to make something beautiful in a low-cost way. He likes that I'm always looking to do things like that with our home. We both like to live pretty simply and it's a blessing. I will post some pictures soon of our home and you'll have to see what I mean!

Something I also have really enjoyed is grocery shopping with Ben. I have loved learning how to buy healthy, nutritious and organic foods from the grocery store while pinching pennies (it's possible people). I just really like having a 'menu' sort of up in my head for the week and browsing the grocery aisles with my hubby, mauling over prices, coupons and sales. It's quite the experience as odd as that sounds! 

I love how much God is teaching me right now and how much Ben and I are growing together as a married couple, even though we've only been married a month. It's been so wonderful and I love falling more and more in love with my husband every single day and every waking minute, whether I'm with him or not. God has blessed our marriage so richly and we are eternally grateful for all He has given us to start our lives together. 

Well, there is your update! I'll try to post more when I am able to. 

With love,

Mrs. Sarah Illick

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