Thursday, February 28, 2013

2 Month Update

Well, Ben and I have officially been married 2 WHOLE MONTHS (since there's no 31st in the month of February). Super exciting! It has really flown by...and I feel like we've been married forever sometimes but it sometimes feels like we just said "I Do" last week! I don't know how to describe it in any other way. But it's been just so wonderful in every way. 

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind I feel like. We were home for a weekend for the second time since we've been back from our Honeymoon in Canada (it was so great just to be home and not going anywhere). It was very much needed! We FINALLY have a dresser in our room (praise Jesus)...I couldn't live like a caveman anymore, pulling my clothes out of laundry piles on our bedroom floor to decide what I'd wear for the day. I've never been so thankful to have a dresser (haha). Our apartment is as put together as it's going to get (since our lease is over May 20th) but it just feels nice to have a clean, organized and orderly home with nice things. I was telling Ben it'd be really nice if teleportation existed because I don't want to have move and have a gigantic mess again...I'd rather teleport our apartment the way it is now to wherever we move to when Ben gets a job after graduation. That would be so nice...but oh well! At least after we move, we will be there for a while.

On Valentine's day, I came home to a large bouquet of roses in our living room, a sweet love note and the house looked all spick and span! I felt so loved and cared for by my husband and it was one of the best things I've ever come home to. After that, our Valentine's day got rather interesting (long story). I'll keep it short and sweet. We went to a fancy restaurant in Stillwater where a 3-course meal was served, we got all dressed up and basically the couple next to us were complaining the entire time. It was quite sad to be sitting next to "Mr and Mrs. Negative Nigel and Nancy" that we decided to redo our Valentine's day the next weekend. We had a nice candlelight dinner last Sunday and made our own 3-course meal in our home and then just relaxed. It was a great re-Valentine's day. Another exciting thing that I tried for the first time was cross-country skiing! I really LOVED it. We went on a trail right next to the river and it was pure bliss listening to the river next to us and watching it as we were skiing. I would definitely do it again! Here are some pictures...



Other than that, we've just been going through the motions--school, work, homework and relaxing and enjoying each other's company and reading together at night (one of my favorite parts of being married). I love when Ben reads to me. He reads the Hobbit outloud to me a lot but lately he's been reading his fantasy series. I've actually started reading a really awesome book myself! It's called "Immanuel's Veins" by Ted Dekker. I'm officially hooked. After this book, I'm planning on reading "Redeeming Love" by Joanne Rivers. It just feels so nice to get back into reading again after being stuck on a laptop all day doing homework. 

I think that I will end with some things that God has been teaching me in my marriage:

  • The power of a praying wife (especially when she prays for her husband)
  • The importance of encouraging your husband
  • Reminding your husband that God always comes matter what
  • Letting your husband know that you are his biggest cheer-leader
  • Reminding your husband that he's not a failure and God doesn't think he's a failure
  • Showing your husband love at all times, not just when you feel like it

It's been really moving learning all of these things. It's been difficult at times and sometimes I don't know if I'm doing a very good job but I know that I was put on this Earth to be a wife who chooses her husband over herself. I made a vow before every one that I would love him with every fiber of my being and I believe that that's not something that's just going to come supernaturally overnight. It's something that God's had to walk me through and show me how to specifically do. I'm loving learning all of these new things and it feels so good to be walking them out, knowing that God is going to continue to be at my side teaching me more new things about how to love my husband with everything I've got.

Happy Thursday and I hope that I was able to encourage you in some way in this post. Be blessed!

Mrs. Sarah Illick  :)

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