Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Move to Winona

I was thinking just the other day how I have not really posted in a LONG time. I used to post quite frequently on my other blog but now it's been on a lull since getting married, being back in school and especially now that we've moved. I have been getting a lot of people asking me about how the big move "happened", the details and such. It is kind of a crazy story...

As most of our friends and family already knew, Ben was graduating from UW-Stout in May and after we got back from our honeymoon in January, so the hunt for the big boy job began for him. From January through May, Ben was given 3 job offers. Two of the offers were Wausau, WI and the other in Sheboygan, WI. During this time, we both prayed hard about these two places and we just weren't "feeling it". Ben had turned down the job offer in Wausau because we felt again from God that we needed to keep waiting. One day, while praying, I felt God stirring in my heart very strongly and felt that He was urging me to "keep waiting". It was really hard to hear that I'll admit. At that point, it was April and we were cutting it super close to Ben's graduation. Ben and I knew that the window to Sheboygan was still open but we both still weren't "feeling it" in our hearts. I especially struggled in waiting and in being patient with God on this because for me, personally, I love feeling stable and secure and the planner in me wanted to start planning. But it was hard to do those things when we still didn't feel like Sheboygan was where we were supposed to go even though Ben already had a job offer there. A few people asked us why we were waiting and even thought that we were foolish to turn down jobs just because we weren't feeling at peace about them. But we listened to God and He was faithful to us. We knew that He would provide for us, no matter how long we had to wait for His "okay, now go!"

It wasn't until one day Ben was checking Stout's career services site and found out that there was an interview for a company called TRW Automotive in Winona, MN that things started to take a big turn. This perked both of our interests, not only because it was not long until our apartment lease in Menomonie was going to end but because we felt like that maybe, just maybe this place was the reason why God was telling us to wait. We both prayed about it, both feeling very at peace about the potential of moving there and very excited about it. Ben got an interview with the company and just two days later he had his second interview. And, he got offered the job!!! Ben and I felt exactly the same way that God was moving in the same and exciting ways in our hearts when we prayed about moving to Winona and so this is where we decided to move! After nearly 5 months of waiting, struggling with patience and praying, we finally knew that this was where we were supposed to go!

And then another miracle for us happened. We found a cute little 2 bedroom house that we decided to sign a lease on just a few days after Ben was offered the job! We moved in the week after and ever since, we have been making this wonderful house in Winona become our new home! And we've even had a couple of our friends who had previously lived in Winona help us go "church shopping" so that has been a miracle too! It's exciting to see how much we are already growing in this new city and now that we live here, we definitely see why God continued in urging us to keep waiting. We LOVE this city and I think it'd be safe to say I'd wait all over again for a place as beautiful and wonderful as this. We're proud to be Winona-ers now:)

It has been a WHIRLWIND couple of weeks needless to say and I'm exhausted physically (from moving) and mentally (from worrying all these months and from processing everything with this move). But we are SO beyond grateful to God. We are so thankful for His provision here and we are so overjoyed at how good of a God we serve. Through all of that hard waiting and God urging Ben and I to keep waiting until what seemed like the last minute, God came through! He tied everything in together and let everything fall into place as He saw fit into His plan, in less than a week! It's seriously been nuts...but wow! Now, my babe is an official college grad, a big-boy Engineer and we are about to begin again on a new very unexpected journey:)


Ps. Here are some shots I've taken these past couple of weeks of what's been going on and some little glimpses of our decorating as we piece our new home together:)

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  1. Love the insight into your newlywed life. I love how both of you were willing to wait until you knew all the pieces were in place. Enjoy being Illicks in Love!