Friday, May 24, 2013

Thinking on Judgemental People...

I have a confession to make.

My confession is that I've been really angry with the attitudes of some people lately who claim to be Christians. Recently at church last Sunday, I felt God tell me to let go of my anger and forgive those people who know Him but are acting foolish. But I've been angry with certain Christians in my life who judge those who are lost and hurting, who are like sheep without a shepherd, people who don't know God at all or even those who have no interest in knowing God. I've had people in my life tell me about how horrible these types of people are and then they proceed in telling me the ways that they look down on those people who don't know Jesus. And I can't help but feel angry with them when they do that...

Why? Because I immediately think of the woman at the well. Remember her? Remember that woman? That sheep without a shepherd? 

And then think about what Jesus did when He went to her. He didn't downcast her...but He loved her. He loved her and set an example for her as a good leader does. He didn't go to His disciples and slander her as she went to the well. What good was that? Jesus knew already that she was a lost sheep and what was the use in talking about her faults and failures with others if this was already known? 

And when I think about that, I think about these Christians in my life who've been pointing out the faults and failures of others, who might not know God, to other Christians (like me). And it breaks my breaks my heart because I know if these Christians had been where Jesus was in that time period, when the woman was going to the well, that they would have talked about how horrible she was for sleeping with all those men and her failures instead of following in the example of Christ, going to her and showing her Himself. 

Let's state the obvious; We all have faults, we all have failures, whether we know God or don't. But let's not waste our time talking about the faults and failures of others and focusing in on that! Instead of downcasting people, go and uplift them just as you were uplifted by Him! We've been given GRACE so freely give it! You were once like that woman at the well and needed to be uplifted by the shepherd you didn't know at the time. So don't go and do the opposite of what was done for you. Freely give the GRACE and ENCOURAGEMENT that was given to you...that is given to you daily.

No one is going to want to know Jesus if all you do is talk about how horrible people are and go on and on about sin. If you are a Christian who claims to know God and all you do is be nice and associate with others who know Him, what good is that?! If all you do is talk about the woes of the world, are you really setting a good example to those who don't know God? Is that really walking in Jesus Christ's JOY? I don't think so...and I personally don't want to hang out with Eeyores or negative Nancy all why would anyone else want to? Especially if they are lost...

This realization has been a wake up call for my own life. It's caused me to examine myself. It's caused me to want to go and help the lost get found. It's caused me to get out of that Christian bubble that makes me feel safe and step onto an unknown ground that Jesus walked on, all so I can be a light to others. A light that people aren't afraid of getting close to.

That is what has been on my mind lately I guess. I don't have any clever conclusion to this blog nor any awesome twist to the message in here. It is a message that I feel is clear and simple enough to get just by reading it. I pray that if you see this in your life that you would get away from some of these bad habits and start living in a way that makes people want to know God and not run away from Him.

With love,


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