Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life Lately

Good morning! Right now I'm at the lovely Blooming Grounds coffee here in Winona munching on a scone, enjoying the Michael Buble & jazzy playlist playing now and sipping on a mango-guava smoothie {yum}. I have just been having such a peaceful morning and I'm so thankful because yesterday was a sick day for me {ickkk} and I'm so glad to be well again. Oh and I know I'm 1 out of a million when it comes to this weather, but there is nothing that I love more than cold weather, cloudy/rainy days and this morning is leading into one of those days I think. I have just had a great morning so far and oddly enough, today's weather is really making me wish for Autumn to come quick so I can start having pumpkin flavored goodies and hot drinks again {again, yum}. And I might even go so far as to say I'm already excited for Christmas to come (as those of you who know me know how much I adore the snow and love knitted sweaters). But July hasn't even passed yet...so it looks like I may have a better shot seeing Autumn come faster than having snow come early (hehee). Praise God for new seasons!

Speaking of new seasons, I've been in kind of a dry season in my walk with God. I have to admit though, these past couple of months I've had a hard time just getting into the word lately and even keeping up with my devotional (which pry has a lot to do with why I'm in such a dry season)! Ah! But I think everyone struggles with that, it's always a constant battle and if there's one thing I've learned it's that there will always be something coming up as to 'why you supposedly can't take the time and just do it'. It's true. But yesterday I really felt encouraged by this word from my devotional called "Jesus Calling". It was a great motivator to help me get back on track with things and I thought I might as well share it with the rest of the world (since this seems to be a common struggle for everybody who has a relationship with Jesus). Here's what I read yesterday:

"Come to me continually. I am meant to be the Center of your consciousness, the Anchor of your soul. Your mind will wander from Me, but the question is how far you allow it to wander. An anchor on a short rope lets a boat drift only slightly before the taut line tugs the boat back toward the center. Similarly as you drift away from me, My spirit within you gives a tug, prompting you to return to Me. As you become increasingly attuned to my presence, the length of rope on your soul's anchor is shortened. You wander only a short distance before feeling that inner tug-telling you to return to your true center in me."-Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

That really hit home yesterday with me. If you look at Hebrews 6:19, it talks about Jesus being the Anchor of our Souls. After reading this yesterday, I realized that I'd never thought about Jesus as an Anchor in that specific way--being that he is what helps us (the boat) not drift away from Him. And it got me thinking that often times when I'm feeling that stirring in my heart that that's God's way of saying I've gone too long without having quiet time with Him; that's God's way of tugging on my rope as my anchor so I don't drift too far away from Him.

I always used to feel like such a "bad Christian" or would feel like I was "out of touch" with God because I wasn't sitting down and having time with just Him and me. But now, I've come to realize that no matter what, God is never far away from His children, that He would never let me drift away from Him and that He'd always tug on my heart no matter what. Now that doesn't give me a license to go off and blow God off all the time but rather that new should be encouraging. That just because you may have drifted from your time with Jesus does not mean that you are far away from Him. He will always be there to nudge you, just like He did with me yesterday when I picked up my devotional. Jesus is never far away; once You're His, He's not just going to let you go because you haven't been as diligent in your quiet time with Him. He is always always going to tug you right back because He loves you and is a Father who refuses to let go.

I know that I've posted quite a few times in the past about having quiet time with God and the importance of it but for some reason, this has just been the re-occurring message that has been placed in my heart and that I've been learning and struggling with. And I also can't help but wonder, in a generation with so many distractions (facebook, twitter, insta, pinterest, imgur, you name it) I personally don't blame God for putting this on my heart and repeating it through me to others He loves that happen to read my blog. We are in a world where distractions are everywhere and because of that, we may find that those distractions may be keeping us from having that quality time with Our Creator. So quite frankly, I guess I understand why this message has been put on repeat for a while, whether that's through me, your pastor, friend or whatever. Just something to think about...

I hope this message encourages you and helps you feel closer to Jesus, not farther. It's never too late to change things in your life I've found and God is patient with us! He loves you and He is close by.

With much love,



  1. Sarah, your viewpoint and words are well written. What's important is we cannot hear Gods voice if we're too busy or don't really take that quiet time seriously.
    Ms Sarah your writting is wonderful keep it up and God may use you as he has Sarah Young. (just saying maybe)

  2. Thanks Rob for the encouragement!

  3. Such a good reminder Sarah! I think it's so easy to feel like you are a "bad" daughter when you aren't spending time with Him. He is waiting for us, wanting us to draw closer to Him. It's our choice, but He truly is the anchor. If we let Him, He will draw us back to Him. Such a beautiful illustration!!