Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hello Winona State!

Update: I'M A WSU TRANSFER STUDENT! WOOO! Okay, so for those of you who were wondering THIS is what I couldn't quite come out and say right away (I didn't want to look stupid if I didn't get in basically is why I didn't say exactly what it was that God had unexpectedly put in my path). So ready to be done with school and I'm so beyond blessed to be finishing up at WSU as a Winona Warrior. I'm pumped.

I felt like I had to wait honestly forever for this acceptance letter and I think I diligently checked our mailbox everyday for it...watching for the postguy like a hawk;) I know it may be kind of silly to get all excited about something like transferring to a new school and being all skeptical about it and unsure but I guess I don't care. The little things make me happy in life, even things like an acceptance letter in my mailbox!

Something neat God has been teaching me lately, a neat theme I've been observing in my quiet time with Him, has been "being still while seeking His face" and "seeking Him for Him". I think so often times we get so wrapped up in the busy schedules of our lives that we get entangled in the webs of our own thoughts and the world's, making us anxious, fearful and not really wanting to trust God and let the control-freak in you go crazy. At least that's how I am. But it was has been SO. COOL. watching God answer my prayer of wanting true quiet time during my quiet time with Him. My prayer has been for Him to help me push away all the noise, like Moses parted the Red Sea. That's the picture I get when I sit down with God to be still with Him; that moment I sit down in my day and I ask Him "Lord, please help me push away the busy-noise in my head" and I can just see Him parting the sea of my crazy thoughts away, leading me on the pathway to Him. A pathway of His peace! A pathway where it's just Him and me and nothing else and I am able open up my mind better to the things He wants to show me and say to me. It has made my walk with Jesus become so much more fulfilling since I've learned to tune out the busy noise.

And since I've learned how to be still before God and really listen to Him, I've also learned how important it is to seek God for Himself. When I spend time with my husband Ben, I am spending time with him because I love him and want to be with him, there's no "agenda" behind my spending time with him. I am with Ben for Ben and for no other reason. And I've learned that with God it should be the same way. Sure it's not bad at all to come before Jesus with a list of prayer requests or whatnot, but if you are only seeking Him for your wishlist, is that really truly a real relationship? Or is He just acting as a 'device' to get you something or somewhere? 

To me, you can't really truly get the desires of your heart until your heart longs and loves to be with Him; the one who created it. When you seek first God's kingdom, all these things will be added on (the words of Jesus). When you seek God's face for His face, it is then you will find peace; it is then that you will be able to have a still and sound mind and it is then that your mind will truly be able to be renewed each day!

Just some thoughts about what I've been learning lately. Quiet time with Jesus is sooo rewarding

With much love,


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