Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bumpdate #1; Weeks 4-10

So we've spilled the beans...finally! We are preggo and due on March 15th, 2014! Hence why I've been sick, hence why we've had to move into a new apartment and etc etc. Lots of hences why if you catch my drift. It's been a BIG curve ball that we did not expect to come or even be in God's plan for us anytime soon...but apparently He felt differently;) We are so excited though and really have had such a wonderful time on this journey thus far!

Anyway, I thought maybe about 1x a month I'd do something called a "Bumpdate" which is pregnancy lingo for: pregnancy update. I think it is something worth while since I will be able to read them to our little one someday when they are curious about their birth story. Not to mention I figure close friends and family might enjoy reading them too! Anyway, here is my first one for week 8 (I am already 10 weeks along though, picture was taken almost 3 weeks ago so we can just have this one count for weeks 8-10). 

Symptoms: Insomnia! I wake up in the middle of the night (usually around 4am) mostly cause I have to go to the bathroom and around weeks 6-9 I lost my appetite and eating was like this horrible chore because of waves of nausea. My nose has been super sensitive to everything since I got pregnant. I feel like I've acquired a supernatural nose cause I can smell stuff from in another a dog! I just now have gotten my appetite back this week (on week 10) which has been such a blessing. Still working on not feeling queezy with meats though...

Cravings:  Throughout most of my pregnancy marinara sauce has been my #1! So eating pizza supreme (trying to keep it healthy) and Italian food have been a must for me and baby. Otherwise it's been fruit juices and in weeks 4-5 of my pregnancy I munched on lots of eggs and turkey bacon;) protein protein! But now it's mainly been healthy sweet stuff.

Size of Baby:  Baby Illick is practically the size of a lime! Grow baby, grow! 

Sweet Happenings:  Had our first prenatal appointment and got lots of blood drawn (ouch). Everything checked out great, thank you for those of you praying over my health. Getting my appetite back on week #10 and being happy about eating again has been a milestone. And I'll save the best for last, we just recently met our wonderful midwife and got to hear the baby's heartbeat! It was probably one of the most exciting and happy moments of my whole life, hearing our little one's heart going 'thump thump thump thump' so so fast! Highlight of the whole month. It made it feel like it's actually happening!

Something You Look Forward To:  We're very much looking forward to our first ultrasound. We've decided to find out the sex of the baby (even though I wanted it a surprise the whole 9 months) and Ben is going to be told by our midwife and let me be surprised at our gender reveal party that same weekend. We would try to go the whole way without him telling me but knowing my husband he would have a hard time keeping that secret:P Can't wait! 

With love from Mother-to-be,


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