Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best Week!

This has been probably one of the best weeks of my summer. I've watched God answer so many of my prayers and there are 2 things that I'm particularly excited about that God has answered when I've prayed and prayed over them. 

First off, I got a job! And it's not just any job, it's the job that I've really really wanted since we got to Winona and have patiently waited for this summer. You're now looking at the newest Barista member to Mugby Junction Coffee :) yep! I filled out an app in the beginning of the summer and heard about how great this place was/is and knew that it would be the coolest thing if I were to get hired there. It just seemed like a great place to not only hang out and have coffee at but also to work for. After my interview yesterday I was really excited and enthusiastic about potentially getting placed on the team and I prayed that whole day (not to mention this whole last week) that God might give it to me. And He did! My heart is just overflowing with gratitude right now that I get to work with coffee and be around people all day, the two things that a social-butterfly like me absolutely loves. I'm just so psyched to start and to be coming into work and happy about it :)

Secondly, we are moving...again! Ha! Long story short, there were some things that we needed in an apartment in order to be here in Winona long-term and we had to make the tough decision to move again but into a different apartment in Winona. We found wonderful subleasers after lots of looking (HUGE answer to prayer) and now we just have to find a place by Sept. 1st (oh boy). It's been a crazy week thus far and it's only going to get crazier. But I've been already packing diligently and preparing for another move as well as trying to find a new apartment at the same time. I feel like superwoman today haha 'getting stuff done'. 

Just thought I'd update. I'm seriously just so thankful that God is a God who answers prayers and in the best most timely ways. I don't know why I ever doubt His faithfulness sometimes and think that He might forget or not follow through. It's so silly, because I look at things like this in my life where He's just swooped in and said "I took care this" or "I got this for you" and He's provided. It's so encouraging and it's so cool to encounter Him in the ways that He provides for Ben and I, no matter how big or small.

With love,


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