Monday, September 2, 2013

12 Week Bumpdate

Symptoms: I'm really exhausted most days...I am not sure if it's because of all this heat and because I'm constantly on the go with work, class and having just been moving all week. But either way, I know that growing a baby is hard work and I get tired very easily now. I have been taking naps surprisingly (for those of you who know me I am not a napper at all). I've had a few bad headaches which Ben has been very helpful with easing the pain of them with by giving me scalp massages (they are wonderful). Oh also I'm starting to show just a tad and my clothes are getting more snug. Never thought I'd ever rejoice in getting bigger ever haha! But other than that, things have not been bad at all as far as symptoms go.

Cravings:  Milk! Can't seem to get enough of it with breakfast and dinners lately! It really just quenches my thirst. I think baby must be wanting lots and lots of calcium...I never used to drink milk regularly before pregnancy. Then Oatmeal has been a biggie! I've had it nearly every morning. I mix up some organic oats, brown sugar and cinnamon with hot water and yummm. I've also loved munching on carrots and pickles during lunch time (Ben now calls me the pickle princess)

Size of Baby:  Baby Illick is the size of a plum! So about 2.1 inches and .49 oz. 

Sweet Happenings: We were able to book all of our appointments with our midwife for throughout my whole pregnancy. That has been so nice! Also I'm personally really looking forward to our Gender Reveal Party in October, when I will find out what baby will be. Ben will be finding out the baby's gender on October 17th at our 1st ultrasound appointment and will keep it a secret until it's revealed at the party that weekend. Can't wait! I will admit I really really would love to have a little sweet girl, but for some reason I just kind of have this feeling it's going to be a boy...I'm not really sure why but who knows. I've got a lot of people asking what we think it'll be and I have told them exactly this. But whatever baby will be I just know we will be so happy! 

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  1. Cute cute cute! You're kids will love being able to look back on this when they are older. Especially if you have more than one, then they can compare :)