Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 16 Bumpdate

Can someone say HEADACHES?! Yeah. I have had them like lasted for 2 whole weeks:(. And the morning sickness finally hit me on weeks 14-15 for those of you who are wondering. Yuck. I'm so thankful for my loving Barista co-workers at Mugby who have been patient with my throwing up during my some of my shifts (so sorry once again for that if any Mugby member is reading). Also, my hair is DRY. It is dry dry dry. Not even my coconut oil works:( but it's all I've tried out a few different conditioners and some moroccan oil so we shall see if something relieves the dry/frizzy look. Bummer!

I will say though week 16 has been a lot better though and the throwing up and headaches seem to be calming down thank you Jesus! Keeping my food down I'm very grateful for! Thanks for those of you who've been praying over baby and my health.

1.) Cottage Cheese--yum! I've had it for lunch almost everyday for the past few weeks. I can't get enough.

2.) Milk--For those of you who know me well, I HATE milk. But this baby has made me go from hating milk to loving it. I have almost 3 glasses a day and it quenches my thirst like nothing else right now. I have officially concluded that baby must really like his/her dairy!!! They're already a true Wisconsinite like their mom and paps.

3.) Apples--I am so thankful it's apple season right now! Ben has bought some great apples and they are like candy for me. I just recently bought 4-5 Gala apples this week too and ate them within a matter of two myself...sorry honey for eating them all. Yummmm!

Size of Baby: Baby is the size of an Avocado this week! So around 4.6" and 3.5 oz.

Sweet Happenings:
I am officially starting to 'poke out' quite a bit. My lower stomach area is getting harder too. The best way I can explain it is it feels hard in that area like the way a flexed abdominal muscle feels. Speaking of that, bought my first pair of maternity pants (it feels good and not uncomfortably tight). I'd been walking down with unbuttoned pants because I just couldn't bring myself to buy mom pants but finally caved. They're comfy! And my mother also says I have the 'pregnancy glow'. Goodbye blush for the next 6 months:)

I've also officially made it through my 1st trimester and am now starting the beginning of my 2nd trimester!!! Phew, I made it! And now that it's trimester 2, we are having 2 ultrasounds this month of October!!! We will also get to find out the gender of our baby this month at the ultrasound which is really exciting.

Lastly, we've decided on a boy and girl's name. But that won't be revealed until our Gender Reveal Party that's coming in a few weeks! So stay tuned; I will for sure be posting on that! We're so excited to be finding out and finally call our sweet one by it's name! Plus after that I'll have to start thinking about nursery ideas and colors. It's an exciting time for us!

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