Monday, October 21, 2013

Kellan James {KJ} Illick; Our Gender Reveal Party Details

It's a BOY! Baby Kellan James {KJ} Illick is on his merry way! We are just so elated and thrilled with the news (that we discovered last Saturday during our first ultrasound) that I just have to post some more juicy details on our SON'S upcoming arrival! But first, a few Instagrams of course...

I have to admit, I've had this what I call a 'mother-bear-instinct' all along that our Baby would be a boy. I can't really explain it! I just sort of knew...everytime I had my time with the Lord or would be praying over baby, I kept calling it 'him' and I didn't know why. It just 'felt right'. Truth be told, when asked, I told people I wanted a little girl but then I'd follow up with my 'mother-bear-instinct' that I felt like it was a boy (I believe I even blogged about it not that long ago). And low and behold, 'mother-bear-instinct' was right! It was such a sweet, memorable and joyful experience to have our ultrasound last Saturday and find out this happy happy news that we would be having a SON! Our ultrasound was a very unique experience as well because my aunt-by-marriage's dad was able to do our ultrasound and we were able to invite some of our family to come for the experience (all though we didn't let them stay for the part where we found out what the sex was hehee). They had to wait in suspense until this past weekend.

The Gender Reveal Party was a very fun time! My mother hosted it at her house (or should I say Grandma's house now) and we had lots of family over and fellowshiped over yummy soup and sweet treats! It was a really great time and it was very fun to see everyone. We even played a few tricks on a few family member's of ours so they thought they knew what Baby was already before we got to reveal it;) ha ha! You know who you are...

We started off by having everyone come into Mom/Grandma's house and choosing team boy or team girl. Team Boy wore a Bow-tie pin and Team Girl wore a Princess Crown pin. I have to admit, Team Girl out voted and out-pinned Team Boy;) so in case anyone was curious Team Girl won majority vote. 

Then votes were cast, delicious hot soup was eaten and sweets were munched on! We enjoyed each other's company and finally Ben and I passed out a fun game called "Old 'Wives' Tales". It was a list compiled of a bunch of old wise tales pregnant ladies like myself hear that supposedly determine what the sex of Baby is...see below!

And last but least, we took out the cupcakes! We then counted to 3 and then our guests took a bite:) and....


Lots of VERY happy faces! And a few "I knew it's" from members (since I only have brothers and Ben has two brothers the odds seemed good you could say). It was a very fun way to reveal that we were having a son to our families!

So, I guess there you have it! Kellan James {KJ} Illick will be making his debut in March and we are anxiously awaiting his arrival. I can hardly believe next week I'll be at 20 WEEKS of pregnancy...already halfway through!!! Crazy. I cannot wait to meet KJ and the more he kicks around in my tummy, the more and more blessed I feel and excited I am that he is growing strong and that God is preparing our hearts everyday for Kellan. We love him so much and he's not even here yet.

With love and much much joy from mother-to-be,



  1. I love everything about this!!!! Congrats :)

  2. So fun! Made me feel like I was there. Cannot wait to meet sweet you friend xo