Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 20 Bumpdate

Symptoms: There really have not been a whole lot of symptoms I am happy to say! It's like I went back to my old self before I was pregnant! Things are back to normal healthwise and for the first time since I've found out I was pregnant I have not had headaches! Yay! Other than that, I've gained between 5-8 pounds now and my tummy is getting pretty hard. Like I have rock solid abs is the best I can describe it, except there's a baby in there and they're not my abs (my abs have started moving to make way for baby Kellan now). So I'm starting to show a lot more now and people are starting to notice it's not an extra meal but a baby growing in there (ha ha). Probably the worst thing I've had come up though is my hair is still pretty dry but I'm getting used to it now sadly so it's not as big of a shocker anymore. I'm making the best out of it! Oh and I guess I have to use the little girl's room...a lot these a lot...but I was forewarned that's what happens when baby steps on your bladder all the time;)

1.) Milk: I'm still loving it and drinking lots of it! I've had a thing for Chocolate Milk lately these days.

2.) Bananas: This is a newbie! I've been eating them like crazy this week. I'll have to go out and get some more for this week now that I think of it...

3.) Waffles: To be honest, I can't tell whether this is a 'me thing' or a 'baby craving thing' as waffles are seriously my favorite breakfast's probably a 'me thing'...

4.) Fruity Teas: Love me some fruity teas these days. I've sort of strayed from chais and earl grey, my old faithfuls. 

Size of Baby Kellan: Speaking of Bananas, Kellan is the size of a Banana right now (lengthwise). He's probably around 6.5 inches and weighing around 10.6 oz! My little man is growing growing!


Sweet Happenings (there's been a lot sorry it's so much to read):

  • Kellan's Gender Reveal Party was a blast (if you saw my last post)
  • We had our first ultrasound two weeks ago and got to see our son! Again, it was absolutely amazing...I can't wait to see him again at our next upcoming ultrasound here in a few weeks!
  • Week 20 marks the HALFWAY MARK OF MY PREGNANCY! WOOO! We're halfway done:)
  • Felt Kellan kick me for the 1st time at around 17 weeks!!! We were driving up to Ashland the first time I felt him and it was so neat! It felt like someone was flicking me lightly on the inside a couple of times and then would stop and start again. At first I thought maybe I just needed to pee but then I realized that I've never felt my bladder 'flick me' before (ha ha). I realized that it was baby that moment!
  • Kellan has been a little mover ever since. He has a 'kicking routine' I call it. At around 1:45 or 2pm I can feel him moving around and kicking in there and he will usually do that until about 3:30 sometimes 4pm (which just so happens to be during classes for me which can be fun if lecture is boring). I like to picture him being all active in there after a long snooze in mommy's tummy and then him going back to sleep for a little while after he's done playing in there. Then he will start kicking me again at random throughout the evening. I think he also likes to move around whenever we are driving somewhere and there are bumps in the road...I can always feel him whenever I'm driving somewhere. Maybe he likes cars...
  • Speaking of kicking, Ben got to feel our son kick me for the first time. It was a small tap Ben said but he said it was neat to have felt him even just a little bit! We're excited for when our son's kicks get evens stronger:)
  • Last happening; we've started to get Kellan's nursery all ready for him! We are going to be painting soon so I'm looking through colors at the moment. I also was able to purchase a sweet nursing chair I found at the Thrift Shop and a really nice Changing Table off of Craigslist the other day! Slowly but surely things are coming together:)

Well, there's been a lot of great things happening lately and I'm sure there will only be a lot more to come! We're so thrilled and I'm getting more and more excited to meet our son each and everyday. I love him so much already and I cannot wait to hold my sweet Kellan when he is born. 

With love from mother-to-be,


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