Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thoughts On Why I've Dismissed the "I'm A Good Person" Notion

I had some thoughts the other day that I thought I should put down. Maybe some can relate...

First off, I'm just going to warn readers that you might get upset/disagree with what I have to say. That's fine, I don't judge. But this is just something that I really believe to be true..

I'll start off by saying this: I don't think that mankind/humans are naturally 'good'. I don't believe that there is such thing as a 'good person'. You could say that I just don't buy the whole 'good-person-theology' (if it can even be called a theology). In fact, nothing puzzles me more when I hear the phrase "oh you know 'so-and-so'? they are a good person". It doesn't make sense to me, especially when I look at what's happening in this world. But why does this phrase (mentioned above) seem so puzzling to me?

Okay, what is the definition of good? What do you define to be 'good'?

I'll give a generic answer that you might possibly hear from someone. Here's what google has to say:


  1. 1.
    that which is morally right; righteousness.
    "a mysterious balance of good and evil"

I will draw the attention towards the morals part of goodness. When I question others on this subject, a lot get defensive and say "well it just means you have good morals/values". Okay but what exactly are good morals? How do you define what's morally right or ethical? What exactly do you base it off of?

The truth is, most people I find base it off of what feels right in their hearts or what society has told them is 'morally right'. And the last time I checked, our society is never constant. Our society and its values are always changing. Just look back on your elementary school years through even your college years when you took history classes. It's called history for a reason; because it was in the past and things have obviously changed...even since yesterday. The point is, our society and its values are never the same and they are always changing. Even in different countries morals/values most likely look very different when compared to another country. Example: In some countries you should burp after your meal or you've insulted the cook. Here, you shouldn't burp after a meal because it's 'rude'. I'll even get a bit more intense and say that in some countries I would be stoned in the streets for going out in public without wearing some sort of hair covering but here I am free to walk around without a hair covering because it's not considered 'offensive' or 'sinful' here.

Anyway, without going on a tangent about burping, my point is is that don't you think it's kind of ludicrous we are basing what is considered morally right/wrong off of something that is always changing and never the same? Including our hearts (which also change)? It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Why are we basing our values off of stuff that is always subject to change every single day for the rest of our lives and on?

Wouldn't you rather base your life off of something solid? Something that is constant, never-changing and always true? Something that you can always depend on?

I sure would in the kind of world that we live in, where divorce rates, poverty-levels, physical-abuse, drug-abuse, sex-trafficking rates and much more sad things are through the roof (<--- those things all being another proof as to why I've dismissed the notion of people being naturally good). That's another thing, why are we basing our morals/values off of a society that is so incredibly corrupted? 

For me, I'd so much rather look on and see what the "A+ student's" homework was like, base my thought pattern off of their's, rather than choose the student who's got a "F--" on their homework (if you're catching my drift). That's the smart way to go.

You might be reading this and thinking "If we don't base it off of our hearts/society, then what?".

I'll tell you--His name is Jesus Christ, the only 'man' born into this world whom we can call 'good'. He is God. He is unchanging, perfect, incorruptible, without sin, love, always present, always the same and the only solid Truth in this world. He doesn't waiver like our society, our hearts and other religions. He's always there and He's the same God as He was thousands of years ago, yesterday and even today. He is the 'A+ student' who's homework you should base your's off of, every time. And He wants you to base your life off of Him who does not change.

He's not a God who wants to be called on only when your wish-list needs fulfilling. He's not a God who demands from you to 'get your life together' or 'do good deeds first' before coming to Him. He wants you to come to Him as you are already (which is most likely a hot mess, since all people have problems). He died for you because He knew you weren't perfect as a human being; He knows you and I are flawed and that apart from Him, we cannot do anything good. He knows that when we base our lives off of things that are constantly changing, we'll fail. But He will not fail us because He doesn't change like our world does. He is always the same and always true.

So in conclusion, this is the Truth that I base my life on. I'm not a good person and I don't know any person that can also be 'good'. And I think by saying that "I'm a good person", I'm saying that "I don't need Jesus" and even "I know better than Jesus". Jesus is the only goodness and I think He created us to have a desire to do good, and for us to watch ourselves fail when we try to be good/do good without Him and then for us to run joyfully to Him when we figure this very fact out. No one is by no means perfect but we ought to try and base our lives off of the One who is Perfection, not something faulty, corrupted and always changing.

With love,


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