Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week 22 Bumpdate

I've gained 8 pounds total I found out at my doctor's appointment! I'm right on track according to my midwife and should keep gaining weight regularly which is good news. According to where I'm at also, Kellan's sweet little face is fully formed (can't wait to kiss those chubby cheeks, ah!). He also has started a regular sleep cycle, sleeping about 12-14 hours a day (as he's growing so much and really needs it). But I can tell when he's just woken up now! Baby Kellan is also kicking me a lot in night he does some major kung fu especially, usually when I'm trying to sleep! We can now visibly see him kicking my stomach from the outside and I can even feel him sort of roll I think. It feels so strange! One other weird thing is now I'm having to sleep hugging a pillow because I can't lay normally like I used to when I had a flat stomach. I miss sleeping on my stomach and back a lot I must admit...but I'm getting more and more adjusted to sleeping on my side with a pillow now.

Cravings (it's been lots of sweet stuff I've noticed):
  1. Strawberry Oatmeal--I eat it like it's going off the market lately...
  2. Nantucket Nectars--I'm addicted to these juices at work! They are dangerously good. I am usually seen sipping on one in back when I catch a break. Ben always called me "The Juice Monster" before I got pregnant because of how much I love juice, but now I think I've created another little "Juice Monster" with all the Nantuckets I drink. Whoops!
  3. Snow Peas--I bought a bunch of them for our dinners. They're so good!!!
Size of Baby:
Little Kellan is the size of a PAPAYA! So about 10.5 inches" and 12.5 oz about.

Sweet Happenings:
We got Kellan's room all painted, received a lot of wonderful used baby stuff from a family friend and I even found a very nice and like new white changing table off of craigslist for such a steal! 

We have our 2nd ultrasound this Friday so I'm so excited to see my sweet son again in just a couple days. Then come December, I should start seeing my midwife about twice per month until Kellan is born. I'm getting so excited and anxious for my son to just get here. I know it's super early but I've already got my birth plan rough draft all written up. 

Another thing, I'm helping host a baby-shower for Kellan's cousin Adelaide this Saturday (who's due in January)! It's going to be a good time:)

Lastly, it's been really neat to see God molding my heart each day to prepare me for motherhood during this whole pregnancy. I feel like I've really put everything in His hands with this at this point and I'm not afraid of the things I was afraid of with motherhood anymore. Instead, I find myself approaching them with a Christ-exalting attitude and I know that He is going to continue to mold my heart even when Kellan does come and I face a ton of new hoops that I'm going to have to jump through. God has had me come to this simple truth; that I was made for this and need to simply trust. I used to be terrified of the thought of labor (for real though what woman isn't) and now I've got a whole new outlook on it. I know that God knows the day and the hour He's set for Kellan to come into this world; He's in control. And I know that God created my body for this kind of work (hence the term 'labor') and so now instead of being fearful, I'm trusting in this very fact and am actually excited to do the work, even with not knowing completely how hard it's going to be. I guess it's just been really neat finding myself delighting in the Lord when faced with all the things that would have normally scared me in the past about being a mom. It's been such a cool part of my walk with God right now!

Well, that's about all I have for today. I hope you are having a great day and are also enjoying all this early SNOW as much as I am!!!! I seriously love winter!

With love,


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