Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 24 Bumpdate

I have just been TIRED I'm finding a lot these days. It's harder for me to get up in the mornings when the alarm goes off for work and so I push getting ready to the last minute just for a few extra minutes of sleeping in. I used to be able to just be up and at 'em as soon as my alarm went off by now I really can't! So I continue to try and go to bed early. As far as other symptoms go, I have had some leg cramping! I have heard that's normally during pregnancy though. I can't really think of anything else other than these things though because second trimester has really treated me well! Other than me, Kellan kicks, rolls and swats a lot in there...he's a busy boy:) It's funny though because when he is moving around, I'll tell Ben and he will put his hand on my stomach to feel him but then Kellan will suddenly stop. So we try to be all sneaky about it so he doesn't stop;) it's funny

1.) Hot Chocolate--oh my lanta! Tis the season of Hot Cocoa. It's finally come thank you Lord but my son is a little Hot Chocolate monster in there it seems already! That's all I want to drink a lot of these days...Hot Cocoa from work is the best stuff :) I looked up why I have had such a hankering for it these days and apparently my body needs more magnesium. 

2.) Greens--spinach, peas, snow peas...I usually toss them in my lunches or dinners somewhere. I always have greens these days...peas especially taste so good right now.

3.) Yogurt--Been eating lots of strawberry and banana yogurt lately. Yum!

Size of Baby:
Baby Kellan is the size of a Cantaloupe! He is getting BIG. Not going to lie, I have to blink twice going to the grocery store and looking at Cantaloupes in the fruit aisle, thinking "My son is that big right now...". Ha! So Kellan weighs probably 12.7 oz now and is aproximately 10.5 inches.

Sweet Happenings:
  • Had my second ultrasound a few weeks ago and got to see Kellan in 3D-4D! It was so precious! I loved seeing him yawning and smiling. He looked so happy. I felt bad though because he kept kicking the ultrasound technician while she was doing the ultrasound and the last appointment we had he kicked my midwife too when she went to hear his heartbeat. He's a mover! Here's a picture in case you didn't see...and just because I want to share his cute little face with the world again of course;) here's our little smiler below...

  • Now when Kellan kicks we can really see him kick! He rolls over all the time too, especially when mommy working or in class. I think he likes the sound of everything going on in the 'outside world'. It was so sweet also because Benny and I just started reading a new book and the whole time Ben was reading, Kellan kicked and kicked! Then when Ben would stop reading, Kellan would suddenly stop kicking. I think he must like the way Daddy's voice sounds and I'm thinking he's going to really love us reading to him. Such a precious moment for us.
  • People have now started to come up to me and touch my tummy. It's becoming a bit of a magnet for people's hands...but it's not too out of control. I don't really mind all though it is a little weird I think...
  • Thanksgiving is coming this week! So Ben and I will be on the road that means come Tuesday and I'm so happy to be seeing my brother for the first time since summer! He's stationed on a marine base in Cali right now so I haven't seen him in forever. He hasn't seen me since I started showing and it's going to be so nice to catch up with him and our family over break!
  • I've started reading a book called 'Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way' and I think we've decided that this is going to be the method we choose to have our son if everything works out. We are still in the process of finding a Bradley Method teacher and I've been researching a lot about natural childbirth, water-birth and bringing baby into the world in a relaxing environment. I think I mentioned last post I have my rough draft of my birthing plan all done but of course I'll tweak it up until Kellan's due date gets closer. It feels really great to be doing all this research and preparing myself for this big step of bringing Kellan into the world. It helps me feel more prepared and at ease. Through doing research and learning more about my body and trusting God with it all, the more excited I am!

I think that's about all I have for now. I am really looking forward to thanksgiving this week and it's definitely going to be a plus with wearing maternity pants this year I'll boast a bit (more room for more food...yay)!

With love,


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