Thursday, December 19, 2013

Week 28 Bumpdate; Merry Christmas Everyone!

Symptoms: Well, being that I've reached my 3rd trimester this week, things are starting to get a little snug in my tummy with my boy growing so much! I just don't have as much room for food as I'm used to from what I'm finding. Breakfast time has been a bit of a struggle for me I have to admit. I find nothing sounds so good except for liquids. Solid foods are just too filling for whatever reason for me in the morning and when I've tried to eat solid foods it's like I'm force-feeding myself (which is not enjoyable). I find that I'm hungry but just don't want much to eat in the morning! It's weird because I'm normally such a big breakfast eater. So I found a way to sort of 'cope' with this by making myself very yummy smoothies almost every morning, since solid foods just aren't working for me in the morning. I pack in my protein with yogurt or peanut-butter in my smoothies and then will put in whatever fruit I have around. Then I dump in some milk and oats and YUM. They are very good smoothies and good-for-you too! So I've found something that works for me that is helping me not starve in the mornings and not deprive my son all the while. I'm so happy to have found something that's worked! I hated force-feeding myself and so I'm thankful!

1. Peppermint anything-- anything like candy canes or with peppermint in it I'm just loving. And it's the most wonderful time of the year for it too I suppose! I am even finding I'm really enjoying the taste of our new toothepaste...mmm but don't worry, I'm not eating it;)
2. Smoothies--now that I'm having smoothies in the morning, my body and baby are becoming accustomed to this new-found breakfast love so it's the first thing I want and usually want more of throughout the day.
3. Water--pregnant ladies just need lots of H2O. I can't get enough water lately...I'm so thirsty all of the time!

Size of Baby:
Our little prince is not feeling so little in my tummy anymore needless to say! He is getting heavier and I can feel him everywhere now haha. Right now he's the size of an Eggplant so he is around 13.6" to 14.8" inches long and weighs approximately 2-2.2 pounds. As I said, things are getting snug in my tummy and it's getting hard to bend over now because he's getting heavier.
Sweet Happenings:
  • I GRADUATED as of last Friday! Yay:) I'm so happy to be finished and onto the next chapter of my life. Kellan kicked and kicked all throughout my ceremony so I'm not quite sure if I could feel too much of the butterflies in my stomach from being so excited about having graduated ha ha.
  • I have gained around 14lb now in my pregnancy so far and my midwife says I'm very healthy and right on track with things which is very happy news.
  • Ben and I have really started to crack down on our Bradley Method stuff. I'm starting to practice the relaxation breathing exercises they want us to practice for labor and I am going to start practicing some strengthening exercises they recommend for me as well.
  • Christmas is coming! We are headed off to Ben's parent's home for Christmas as of tomorrow and will spend the week with them and my brothers and sister-in-laws. It'll be nice to see everyone and spend time together! We're very much looking forward to that. Then we'll get to see my mom and younger brother Christmas day for a nice seafood Christmas dinner...yummmmmmm.
  • Ben and I have just signed up for Dave Ramsey's FPU (Financial Peace University). We've read his book and have started to practice a lot of his budget tools he recommends so we can get out of debt and also start planning for Kellan's future. I'm excited to learn about ways we can handle the money that God's given us to be good, responsible parents to our son and many other ways as well.
  • After reading the Bradley Method book, I've been led to sign up for a Yoga class with another pregnant friend of mine from my Bible Study. I'm really excited to join a yoga class come January, as it's going to help with my labor a lot I feel (as it focuses a lot on strengthening your muscles, which I'm really going to need if I want to have Kellan naturally). 
  • Ben and I's 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is coming up NEW YEAR'S EVE! Wow...time flew by. We're excited for the little vacation we have planned for just the 2 of us.
  • I am going to be talking to my midwife and some nurses tomorrow at my third trimester visit about planning for my birth and other details having to do with this (as it's only 3 months away I'm really excited and things are starting to get even more real now as Kellan's due date gets closer.

On another note, I have a prayer request. I won't go into much of the details but at my last appointment my midwife shared that there was a little bit of concern about KJ's kidneys. She said it was a very mild concern and something that she and the nurses are going to be keeping a close eye on but she also didn't feel it would turn into anything serious most likely. It's still a bit concerning to hear this as a mom-to-be however so if I could ask you to please pray for my son and whatever is going on with his kidneys that would be so wonderful. I know that God is a great Healer and that He is faithful. It would mean the world to Ben and I if you would please join us in prayer for our son that at my next appointment that they would find his kidneys to be fine and nothing there to be concerned about. Thank you so much! 

I hope you all have a great Christmas and that you enjoy time being with family and friends wherever you are. This is such a wonderful time to be reflecting on how God made Himself low, taking the form as a helpless Baby, like the one in my tummy, all so He could be born in a manger to give us fallen people a second chance. We have so much to celebrate during this season because of the greatest gift of Salvation He gave and made available to all who want a relationship with Him! Merry Christmas everyone and have a very happy New Year!


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