Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 32 Bumpdate

We only have 2 more months left about til my due date and it is wonderful to know that I could have our son in my arms as early as 5 weeks from now. But I could have more like 5-9ish weeks left (depending on how early or late he comes to my due date in March). 

Being that it's my third trimester, I've had a lot of new changes happen. I know for a fact the complete and utter exhaustion stage of tri 3 of pregnancy has now come back (like my tri one) and now I'm officially 'sleeping in' more often instead of waking up with Ben in the morning when he goes to work. I'm just tired and I wake up feeling like I didn't get any sleep at all sometimes. I've also had a lot of 'insomnia' a lot with that. I use a pillow or two under my legs for support and trying to find a comfy position to sleep is getting more difficult the bigger my tummy gets. And not to mention Kellen is soooo active in there...anytime I lay down! But I am thankful he is moving and kicking a lot because it means he is just a healthy, active baby boy. So I think it's worth losing sleep if it means him being able to stretch and move around as he needs to be doing. But I've been beating insomnia and saying "no" to exhaustion by staying active. I'm doing a ton of walking, jogging and snowshoeing and it's a blast! 

Kellen also hiccups a lot. Usually after I'm done eating or he will wake himself up with them. My poor baby gets them for like five minutes straight!

I've also had a lot of soreness and tenderness in my tummy. For about a good two weeks I felt like my stomach was a giant bruise because of how strong his movements have gotten and how much he shot up in growth in such a short amount of time one of those weeks. So, needless to say, I'm making more of an effort to snack more often than normal so I can accomodate his large movements and so I don't feel as sore! But again, I'm thankful for all the growing and moving he's been doing.

1.) Bananas--I think this week alone we've gone through 3 bushels of bananas...and I'm the only one eating them...hmmm...
2.) Clementines (Cuties)--so so tasty! Cuties and Bananas have been my go-to snack lately.
3.) Water-- lots of it! I'm just always thirsty for some.

Size of Baby:
KJ is the size of a very large Jicama right now! So he's ranging in weight anywhere from 3-3.8 pounds and 15.2-16.7" inches long:) He's getting bigger and bigger each day. My midwife informed me at my last appointment that he is now turned and is head down, preparing for his debut already (yay). Hoping and praying he stays turned like that until the day I go into labor!

Sweet Happenings:

  • Kellen's nursery is almost finished! I've been a busy mama bee working so very hard on organizing it and decorating! I'm doing an Elephant Nursery theme with lots of blues and grays and some pops of green. I'll post pictures soon when it's done...
  • We got Kellen some books for his little library collection. Most of them being some of Ben and I's childhood favorites--Rainbow Fish, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Courdoroy, Humphrey the Elephant, The Very Hungry Caterpillar...
  • I'm now officially am on track with my weight! I've been a little bit behind for a few weeks but now am on track again. Thanks for everyone's prayers. I've now gained 17 pounds total according to my last visit! Right on the marker:)
  • My mom threw me a baby shower the first weekend in January! What fun. I felt so blessed and so happy with so many loved ones there celebrating my son with me. It's so cool to see how much Kellen James is already loved by so many and he has not even been born yet. It was so special and so fun. Here's a few pictures...

Elephant cupcakes (that go cute with my nursery theme) a Tonka truck with pretzels and some pictures of Benny and I during our baby-hood

The guests all got to decorate bibs for cute...!
This was so cool! Shelly (who's like another mom to me) put together a motorcycle made of diaper wheels, bibs, onesies, burp cloths and receiving blankets, teething rings and a bottle for the headlight for the shower decor and my gift! It was so adorable...we didn't want to take it apart.
Lots of wonderful family and friends!

It's been a fun few weeks and I am really looking forward to meeting my son more and more the closer my due date gets. I'm excited to be a mama and Ben is getting really excited to be a dad. It finally feels like it's happening and is all real now that his nursery is coming together. We've been keeping up on my exercises to prepare for labor and reading our Bradley Method book every night. My goal as I've mentioned before is to hopefully have an all-natural childbirth experience if there are no complications and I've been doing a lot of work mentally and physically to prepare for that each passing week. I'm so grateful for how helpful others have been in already offering to come and stay with us the week Kellen is born all so I can have a smooth transition into being a mama and be able to rest well after my delivery. God has been so gracious to Ben and I in giving and blessing us with everything that we need and will need to be parents and we are just so happy and we feel so loved by Him and all<3


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