Thursday, February 6, 2014

34 Week Bumpdate

I'm 35 Weeks along as of Saturday I believe but figured I needed to post this before it's really late. So I apologize that my bumpdate is a little later than usual! Oops. It's been very busy lately...

Symptoms: Heartburn has made an appearance...and I never have had it before til pregnancy so that's been just great (not). All though, I will say I've heard heartburn my be correlated to baby growing hair and at my last ultrasound the technician said that Baby Kellen already has some hair! So maybe it's worth it if it means he's going to have some cute locks;). Ben and I have been praying for him to have cute curls so maybe we'll see some when he arrives...

I've had lots of constant Round Ligament pain (ouch ouch), longer Braxton Hicks contractions and I've definitely hit the stage of pregnancy where you're utterly exhausted and fatigued most of the time. I had round ligament pain during my second trimester and it went away for a while but for the past two weeks or more it's been more painful and makes life a lot more uncomfortable for me. So I've done a lot of stretching and different yoga poses to combat it and taken warm baths because heat seems to help. Also being fatigued most of the time has been a bit frustrating at times since I'm so used to having energy so I've been finding myself resting a bit more than usual (I napped the other day and I never nap)! The Braxton Hicks contractions (the practice ones for labor) are getting stronger and sometimes a tad uncomfortable feeling if I'm running around doing something. Sometimes I'll have what seems like a stronger one come along and I have to stop because it catches me off guard and feels strange. But it's good that my body is preparing for labor in this way!

 Bananas--Still eating these like crazy. I can't get enough bananas...they are way good. Basically I've just been eating lots of fruits and fruit juices but especially bananas.

Size of Baby: Kellen was the size of a Butternut Squash at week 34, but with me being 35 weeks along almost he's more like the size of a Honeydew Melon. Baby is approximately 17.2-18.7 inches long and he weighs anywhere from 4.2-5.8 lb pounds. He's getting heavier to carry around needless to say and will continue to. He's finished developing and now his job for the next 5-6 weeks is to pack on pounds. We've started praying for some chubba cheeks;)

Sweet Happenings:

-Praise Report--Thank you to all family and friends who have prayed over our son's health, specifically his kidneys! My ultrasound the other day confirmed that the liquid build-up they found around his kidneys is gone! Praise the Lord. We are so grateful. Thank you thank you again so much for your prayers everyone. Also another praise report--Kellen has remained head down for labor and his head is facing the correct way (his face is towards my spine/back). He's positioned great for the big debut!

-I took a hospital tour the other day and got to see where I will be having Kellen! It's all becoming so real now and I'm getting really excited. I got to see the recovery rooms and the delivery rooms, as well as the tub for those doing waterbirth (which is what I will end up doing most likely if things are going smoothly in labor). I also started packing my hospital bag and finished packing Kellen's bag. Yay! I think I should be finished packing mine here in a few weeks.

-We had our maternity pictures taken by a friend of mine this last weekend. It was so fun and super cold but we did our wedding pictures in the winter last year so this really wasn't a big deal compared to how cold it was that day. Here are some sneak peeks my friend put up for us (Caitlin you did an AMAZING job if you're reading this...thank you thank you so much!):

-Kellen's cousin Addie (Adelaide) Illick was born just this last Monday morning February 3rd. So I became an auntie! She is beautiful and such a cutie and I'm so excited to meet her this weekend:) I can't believe she's here, as I remember when my brother-in-law and sister-in-law told Ben and I when they were first pregnant this past summer! Crazy, and now here she is. Here's a picture of her...really cannot get over how precious she is!:

Well that's all that I have for now. We're counting down the days til my due date and we're at 37 days! Not much time to go until I meet my little one too:)


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