Monday, February 24, 2014

37 Week Bumpdate

Symptoms: Sheer exhaustion. I have been napping lately (which as I've said before is unlike me). Ben hopes I stay that way, as he loves napping and I've just not been able to do it for some reason. But now I'm just so tired...

SPD; Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. Aka--my pelvic bone is relaxing a lot and there's lots of uncomfortable 'clicking' sounds and feelings inside that region whenever I walk, sit or get up. Blah! It's annoying and there's not much I can do for relief other than sleep with a pillow between my legs and elevate my feet when sitting. Yoga has also helped a ton with easing the discomfort of this! And along with that I'm still having round ligament pain. Ouch ouch :( all you need to know is both of these things are annoying

More frequent Braxton Hicks contractions (practice labor contractions that are painless for those of you who don't know pregnancy lingo). They're getting stronger and happening a lot more often (not enough to have labor come on though). 

Baby boy dropped! This happened last week (at Week 36) at the very beginning of the week. I woke up one day feeling like I was maybe a bit 'lighter', could breathe a ton easier but also had to use the bathroom more often, as I could feel more pressure or like there was a small bowling ball sitting on my yup-yup (sorry that's too much info). And not to mention because of more pressure down in my pelvis, my walk has now turned into a waddle. It's turned into 'March of the Penguins' over here!

Speaking of Braxton Hicks Contractions and dropping, at my 36 Week visit, my midwife said that I'm already dilated 1.5 cm and I'm effaced 50%! Yay! For those of you who don't know what effacement is, it's basically the cervix shortening and thinning of the uterine walls before labor. I'm still trying not to get my hopes up about Baby Kellen coming early though (I'm planning on him coming late to be honest). But it's great to know that my body is doing it's job and making progress...and that I won't need to labor for 1.5 cm on the big day! My midwife was also able to confirm that Kellen has descended down into my pelvis quite a bit or "dropped" as I put it. It kind of was a 'light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel' moment for me to hear that from my midwife because it feels like he's actually coming now and I'm not going to be pregnant forever...

The Nesting instinct has kicked in! It actually kicked in the weekend I became 36 weeks along. I thought I loved cleaning and organizing before but now this has taken it up a notch. I cleaned Kellen's nursery, I've been finding more things to organize around the house and have been vacuuming a bit more mostly. Not sure if this nesting thing is a wise-tale really but if one thing's for sure I'm definitely getting more of a clean house out of it!

1. Chocolate--I have just been wanting little milk chocolates lately here and there! It's nice to treat myself to little chocolates sometimes:) Ben is such a wonderful husband to me; he went into town and got me some dove chocolates the other day just because he knew how badly I've been craving them lately...

2. Bananas-- I eat these at least 2-3x a day...they're just soooo yummy!

Size of Baby: My little guy really isn't so little anymore. He's now the size of a Winter Melon! So he is approximately 18.9-20.9" inches long and weighs somewhere between 6.2-7 pounds.

Sweet Happenings:

--Not really that 'sweet' of a happening but I've been eating lots of papaya and pineapple as well as 5-6 Pitted Dates a day very strictly and drinking 1 mug of Raspberry Leaf tea each day as well. I've heard these are all supposed to help you in labor and if anything they definitely have a lot of benefits during pregnancy (that I've already seen evidence of) and post pregnancy. Feels good to be doing what I need to do to prepare my body!

--I gained 2 more pounds! Yay:) seriously putting on weight has been a challenge for me this whole pregnancy so I was thrilled to hear Baby is getting bigger in there (so I must be doing something right).

--Baby boy's nursery is ALL DONE! Phew. It has been crazy getting everything together and taken us a while but it's finally done and we couldn't be happier. Now all that's missing is is a sneak peek picture I insta'd the other day:

Displaying photo.JPG

--Week 37 is the official time/week that a pregnant woman won't have labor stopped if it happens to come on early! Yay! Again, still trying not to get my hopes up about him coming early (as wonderful as that'd be) but it's just really cool to know that it can literally happen any time now. But we'd like for him to cook in there as long as God sees fit so we will be patient and happy whenever he comes!

--Our hospital bags are all packed up! Mine, Ben's and KJ's! It feels good to have that all done and ready to go for the big day. I am loving feeling as prepared as I can be for this.

Prayer Request: I have a little prayer request for those family and dear friends reading. If you would be so kind as to start praying my labor would go smoothly, that Baby and I would be well and that I would continue to be disciplined in doing my labor-prep exercises, eating the right foods and overall, trusting the Lord in all this, that would be great. Sorry that's a mouthful of a prayer-request but it's a lot for me to take in these next few weeks and any prayer that I can be surrounded in is a blessing and I thank you so much!

With love,


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