Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weeks 38-39 Bumpdate

(totally sorry for the selfie! Ben has been working late lately and we just haven't had time to do a normal picture. This just might be the last one...maybe ;-D )

--Lots and lots of pressure down in my pelvis. Our little guy has descended even more so down to what obgyn's call a "Station 0" (click here to see a diagram). He is heavy to carry so's not all that comfortable.

--Dull backache, still having Round Ligament pain (ouch ouch), menstrual-like cramps and here's a funny one--itchy tummy! It's kind of funny but my tummy has never been so itchy...but I guess it just means things are growing inside. 

--Lots more Braxton Hicks contractions that continue to get longer and stronger as the days go by. They don't hurt yet though, they are just warming me up for 'labor day'. And speaking of Braxton Hicks contractions, at my 38 week appointment I was informed that I'm now 90% effaced and dilated already to 3 CM! Woohoo! Even though baby boy isn't here yet I'm super thankful that I'm not having to labor hard for 3 cm...and even though it doesn't seem like much it really is. I'm told for a lot of women that they are in hard labor for hours sometimes just to get to 3cm so I'm praising God that I only have 7 more cm to work for at this point. 

--Funny Story: We've had a few labor "scares" already. The most recent one was a night or so ago I had probably the most uncomfortable lower back pain that wrapped around to the front of my low abdomenen. Baby Kellen was feeling the most heavy I've ever felt him and there was a ton of pressure he was putting on my pelvis (owwy owwy). It was really hard to sleep and I was having some smaller contractions and we couldn't help but wonder "what is this?". So Ben and I prayed that night something along the lines of "Lord Jesus we don't know what in the world we are doing so if you could send us a blatantly obvious sign that this is the real deal, that'd be great. If it's not, please let Sarah be able to sleep through this". Thankfully I was able to fall asleep and the pains started to fade away. To be honest, I'm actually really thankful it wasn't the real deal because I had Coffee that night and was too wound up from the coffee to go to sleep! And it had me thinking "Ok really? What are the odds I'm in early labor and I just randomly decide to drink coffee at night which I never do!". It would've been bad. Plus on top of that I was excited about possibly being in early labor of course! Lesson learned; these last few days I will not be drinking Coffee at night as I'm going to need all the sleep I can get for labor if it comes on the day after! Phew thank you Lord!

--Peanut Butter: This is a newbie! I have been putting it on toast with almonds for breakfasts and for snacks I've been eating PB with Apple slices. Yummy!!! I love PB.

--Milk: Back to milk again! It just really quenches my thirst. It's crazy how much milk Ben and I go through in a week. I too embarrassed quite frankly to write down on here exactly how many gallons a month we go through now...;)

Size of Baby: Kellen pants is now the size of a Watermelon! The Bump says babies can range anywhere from 18.9-20.9" inches and weighing anywhere from 6.2-9.2 lb at this point but I'm thinking he's more around the 7lb range. He's getting bigger...

What does Mama Miss Most?: (Thought I'd try something new here instead of the Sweet Happenings, as most of them have already been mentioned).

-I miss sleeping on my tummy. Oh Lord I cannot tell you how much I miss that...

-I miss being able to sleep fully through the night without having to get up to use the bathroom.

-I miss my body! Ahhh feels like I'm going to be pregnant forever a lot of days...

-Lastly, I miss my Baby Boy. I really can't explain how much I can't wait to kiss his sweet face and hold him in my arms <3 I am more ready than ever to be his mommy

With love,


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