Monday, January 12, 2015

Attempting To Blog More

I am really really going try and start blogging more this year. I'm not really one to make New Year's resolutions because usually they just set me up for failure, so i wouldn't go out of my way to call it a resolution for the new year but rather something that I genuinely miss doing! I miss the blog world so I think I may give it another go (hence my new layout, do you like it? I think it's pretty swell). 

Some Highlights this year so far:

-We had our first little family Christmas this year! Bubba got to open his present early before we left to see my family down in Milwaukee. He loved his new toys, they are big boy legos called Duplos! He even started to kind of figure out what happens when you tear the paper off a's my big little guy...

-Another Highlight was Kellen got to meet my brother, his Uncle Jake, for the first time ever! What a treasure it was all of that time they got to spend together while he was away from Marine Base and home for the Holidays...missing my brother already but he will be back in the Spring! So thankful for all that time <3

-And a last short snipet is that we now have a 10 MONTH OLD! I think the last time i blogged it was his 5 month old picture...oh. my. word i really don't know where the time went. But he is getting so big so fast and is almost walking...eek! Scary but fun...

 Well, that's all for today. When I find time I am going to try and post a possible house tour on here of all of the work Benny and I have done so far on our house this year! It is getting so wonderfully home-y now compared to it's past condition. I am loving our home, my family and getting into more home-making activities in the little spare time that I do get now, usually Kellen is napping when i get a chance to do things. Will try and post soon a little house tour of before's and currents/after's (not all rooms are finished but getting closer and learning to be content). So thankful for my little family and all that God's blessed us with so far this new year!

With love,


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