Saturday, February 14, 2015

Reflecting on His Promises...

I'm never up this late normally (it's 11:20pm on my clock as i type this). But I have to express my gratitude in some form to the Lord for the wonderful words He gave me in my heart in church some time ago. They are on my heart each and every single day that passes, because He put them there.

It was during that special time of worship that all my other busy-bee thoughts were swarming around in my head and heart that I heard inside something small, sweet and astounding all at once that silenced all the other thoughts i'd been trying to let fall away at God's feet. If you know me well, you know i tend to be a bit of a busy-minded, worrisome person at times and i think sometimes i am my own worst enemy during church because my mind will often wander if i let it to things that make me worry or falter in my trusting God.

But in those busy-bee moments of me trying to fight at my busy thoughts, I finally surrendered them over. And when I did that, the thoughts melted away like snow and I heard God stir and speak softly in my heart a sweet promise. 

And I believed it was Him. His promises are true always and He comes through. And I still believe in the promise and all other ones He's made for me, Ben and Kellen in the past/present/future. And then I was given a verse a day later as a reminder of His faithfulness towards us, the ones who are His ...

Thank you Lord for the many promises filled!!!....Luke 1:45

I am blessed because instead of choosing to be someone filled with doubt, worry and a cynic about the promise i heard in my heart, I chose to believe. An easy concept to explain, belief, but hard to actually do. But I am at peace. I am at peace because I believe that God spoke His promise over me in that sweet, little moment between just Him and I. And when the cynic in me wants to come out of the closet, I remember what God said to me that day. I remind myself what He promised me and the cynic melts away. 

I know it may not seem like all that big of a deal but for me to simply just say "nope. I choose not to worry or be cynical about what God said to me actually coming to pass." it's a huge feat for me. Jesus is so patient with me and gracious and I am grateful for the times He showed me those things in the past to me when instead I believed the cynic instead when I had heard the special promises spoken for me in the Bible. 

I've been learning so much on a daily basis about this passage in Luke 1:45 and also about Love. It's all a choice. To believe is a choice, not a feeling, just like love. It may not always feel right to choose to believe, or make any sense logically to yourself or the people around you. But when you know the Creator it doesn't matter--what matters is if we choose to believe Him even when all other things ((and your flesh)) are screaming at you to not.

Holding on to what Jesus says,

Sarah <3

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