Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Baby #2's First Bumpdate; Weeks 14 and prior

{Our Easter Pregnancy Announcement}

So I thought that I would be more diligent with blogging about this pregnancy or at least journaling but I must admit but I’m absolutely terrible! I honestly didn’t even know I was 14 weeks this week and was still under the impression I was only at week 13…oops! I knew with Kellen to a tee and the truth is that this time around with pregnancy I have never been so busy busy. My mom told me that this pregnancy would fly by because I have a toddler to chase after now and I’m back in school…and boy has she been right.
But this morning I thought I’d at least make it a goal to get at least one blog post/journal entry in for this new little one on his or her way. That way I can say that I at least tried to do a few. Don’t worry Baby, I will make up for the lack of Bumpdates in all of the pictures I’ll be taking of you in 5 months! Mama promises.
So, here is my attempt at a Bumpdate for Baby Illick #2.

Symptoms: This pregnancy I have not struggled with very strong nausea and I’ve not struggled with headaches like I did with Kellen. I’ve actually gotten a lot of bugs; I found out I was pregnant and literally the next day, I got the stomach flu! After that, I battled colds and a week or two ago, I got yet another flu bug, and then to top it off this week my husband got influenza and so did I. It has been a battlefield of sickness I feel like ever since I got pregnant. But Baby has remained happy and healthy in there praise the Lord.
I was totally disinterested in all food weeks 6-10, just like when I was pregnant with Kellen. I completely dropped coffee up until literally two weeks ago (week 12). I only ever felt “sick” at nighttime, oddly enough, so instead of morning sickness/nausea, I had night sickness. It was nice in a way because I’d just go to bed and feel good the next day, aside from the disinterest in food. But now I am constantly eating and snacking!

Cravings: Oddly enough, I haven’t had ANY cravings! I just am HUNGRY. But not for anything specific. I guess I just have naturally gravitated towards protein-packed foods like yogurt and I try and have salad everyday with either lunch or dinner (with olive garden Italian dressing, oh yum). Also, I’ve relished cheeseburgers…I just really have loved burgers. I guess in a way that’s a craving but I haven’t HAD to have a burger, it’s just been wonderful to eat them.

Size of Baby: Baby Illick is the size of a peach! 

Sweet Happenings: At week 7, we saw a heartbeat for the first time since Kellen was on the ultrasound screen. It was so emotional for me to see that, as I hadn’t had a happy ultrasound experience for two years and every ultrasound I had had after Kellen had been to tell me we had lost another baby or that my uterus did not look the way it should. To see this Baby’s heartbeat going strong was truly a miracle, as we had been told a few weeks prior to not get our hopes up with this pregnancy due to my HCG levels. We were absolutely elated! I then got to hear the heartbeat on a Doppler at one of my prenatal appointments again at week 10 and that was just as wonderful as well. To God be the glory.
Another sweet happening was at 12-13 weeks I began suspect I felt those little “flutters” inside. I at first waved them off thinking it was pry something else until I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I realized it was Baby kicking! I had just thought it was way too early and I asked my doctor if it was possible to feel them so early now. Apparently, it’s quite common after you’ve had a baby before to feel them much earlier than you did before now that you know what it feels like. So that has been so exciting and reassuring to feel Baby flutter kicking in there sometimes. It doesn’t happen often that I know of since I’m running around so much like I said, too busy to feel anything, but when I do feel those flutters, it is really just an amazing thing! It makes things feel more real.

I have another prenatal appointment on Monday to see how everything is going with my new doctor, as after we moved I had to say goodbye to the midwives I had had with Kellen in La Crosse and Winona. I am looking forward to meeting him and am excited to hear the baby’s heart on the Doppler again. I hope to schedule the ultrasound where we can find out Baby’s gender at this appointment as well. I think you are able to find out sometime after week 16 so it will be fun when we get a date on the calendar to see “who” is actually in here. I can’t wait! I really have no clue or not very strong inclinations toward a specific gender like I did when I was pregnant with Kellen. But if I had to guess again, I think I may be having another little boy. I really want a little girl but there has been a lot of similarities in this pregnancy that I had with Kellen so I can’t help but wonder a little. But either way I would love to have a sweet little girl or another little guy. It will just be wonderful to have another little person in our family.

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